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ECORAW® - Supplier of technologies and components for the building industry

The multinational company Ecoraw has been engaged in the development, production and realization of thermal insulating systems, anchoring equipment for insulating systems as well as technologies of floor and wall heating. We realize insulations of roof and ceiling structures. We ensure diagnostics of thermal insulation systems, including restorations of insulating layers and additional anchoring.

Spiral Anksys®

Highly efficient insulating technologies for renovation, restoration and thermal insulation of buildings.


Designed for use for all types of structures with guarantee of long service-life.

Revolutionary system of anchorage of building insulations. Maximum grip of the anchor regardless of cohesion of the base material.


TOP technology from the company ECORAW.


Complex program of the company ECORAW designed for repairs and restoration of thermal insulating systems.


Utilization of additional anchorage with the technology Spiral Anksys.

Floor and wall heating for achieving maximum efficiency and optimum thermal comfort.


Application of system EPS boards Heatsys boards for both dry and wet process of realization.

Technology for armouring internal and external thick-layer plasters.


Armouring net Natwerk is designed for renovation, restoration and thermal insulation of buildings, including historical objects.

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